About Us

Our Mission

Clothing for a cause. Empowering individuals to be the voice of truth about mental health.

Our Name

As inspired by our mission statement, the name “Voxerity” is derived from the words vox meaning “voice” and verity meaning “truth”.

Our Story

Voxerity Apparel was founded in California in 2015, a year after its founder experienced the life-changing loss of a close friend to suicide.

One of the biggest obstacles individuals with mental illness face is the stigma of talking about it. With one in four Americans living with mental illness in a given year, it’s likely someone you love is one of them. Our goal is to normalize positive and honest conversations around mental health and bring the topic to the forefront of our everyday lives, while also monetarily supporting nonprofit mental health organizations.

Our Founder

Voxerity Apparel was founded by Linda Rangel Maghy.  As a California native, Linda loves everything about the outdoors and sports.  She has found true joy in living an active life.

Although she faced her own mental health challenges as a teenager, the catalyst for founding Voxerity came when one of her dearest friends, Brian, took his own life in 2014. While he was alive, Brian’s ambition, kindness, and taste for adventure had a profound impact on those who loved him—it was these principles and the desire to keep others from following in his steps that sparked the beginning of Voxerity Apparel.