Make a difference this holiday season! Let's talk about mental health.

Why Athletic Apparel?

Scientific studies have found that physical exercise helps maintain mental fitness and reduces stress. (1) We believe that exercise enhances mental wellness, and that is why Voxerity is utilizing athletic apparel to promote mental health.

How Your Purchase Will Promote Mental Health

STEP ONE:  Select any of our high quality products to be added to your shopping cart.

STEP TWO:  Before you check out, you will be prompted to choose between five specific mental health related non-profits that your purchase will directly benefit.  Voxerity Apparel is committed to contributing at least 35% of all profits made from online sales to these organizations based on YOUR selection. 

We encourage you to take a minute to think about your options and make a decision that personally moves you.  If you prefer, you can select “Choose for me”, and Voxerity Apparel will make sure that your purchase goes to a great cause.  Please see Our Causes for more information on the non-profit organizations we have selected.

STEP THREE: Wear your Voxerity Apparel!  

Your part in bringing awareness and understanding about mental health is just beginning.  If you see somebody wearing Voxerity gear, please ask "What cause did you choose?" By wearing Voxerity Apparel we hope that you will start positive conversations about mental health with your family, friends and even strangers!

Media Blog

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